The New Era of Digital Shopping

Nowadays, almost all the merchants and producers have online shopping option, whether it is a big producer or even a small grocery merchant.  Everyone has their business online, which allows customers to buy any products. Almost every products or even services can be purchased online. Right from buying clothes, cosmetics or making travel plans etc., everything is done via internet. This trend is going to increase with time, as more and more people prefer online shopping, as it is easy and consumes less time. On-line shopping can be buying of products and services at a web platform. An online store enables a buyer to check for products and services, view photos, images, samples of services being provided etc.

We have Amazon, etc. where we can shop for physical products like daily usage products, household products, branded and luxury products etc. is a place where people go to buy digital products and shop for digital products. has become a digital marketplace where people from all over the world connect with gig workers; it is an online marketplace for freelance services. The concept is about a marketplace, which is a two-sided platform for people to buy or sell digital services. The services offered are referred as “Gigs”. It has become a popular micro-gig site, where people go and put up their digital services such a blogs, templates, e-books etc. This has led to thousands of people have an income. So what is that you can get on – it is pretty simple you can have blogs, articles, SEO Help, Logos and banners, Video advertisements, complete websites etc.

There are thousands of sellers waiting to sell their products or services and you can easily find a seller. The seller here can be referred as a “freelancer”, who has certain skills and is ready to sell them by taking the orders and the buyer as an “employer”, who chooses the services, pay and have the work done, or you can say have the goods delivered. Price ranges vary widely on different projects, based on size and scope of the service offered by freelancers. It has been found that video and animation services are on high demand on, from promoting a video to social media platform to creating product demonstrating videos the growth is tremendous. Another lucrative sales include, web programming, e-commerce web design, mobile app development, graphic design etc. is completely safe and reliable. One can build an online empire of his/her own and escape the 9-5 job. It is very easy and friendly, study the past work of the seller and decide accordingly whether to buy his/her service or not. has been connecting consumers and freelancers who are ready to sell their services in the world of Digital Platform.

March 23, 2020